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Chicken Pox in the Middle School

October 18, 2022

We have had a report of Chicken Pox in the Middle School. If your child has symptoms, please keep them away from school. For more information about symptoms and treatment, click the link. 🤒

Mackenzie Scholarships Up For Grabs!

October 18, 2022

The Mackenzie District Council have a fantastic opportunity for senior students who are interested in applying for the Mackenzie County Scholarship & Bruce Scott Memorial Prize. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 2nd November.

When Should You Believe Your Kids?

October 17, 2022

There are lots of reasons why kids (and teens) lie. From creative imaginations to embarrassment to covering themselves, but when should you actually believe them and when does a white lie become something more?

StudyIt NCEA Forums

October 17, 2022

StudyIt forums for NCEA students are now open. If you have students preparing for end-of-year exams in NCEA Levels 1-3 English, Maths or Science, the StudyIt forums have reopened.

Be Aware of Hand, Foot & Mouth

October 16, 2022

We have had a report of Hand, Foot and Mouth symptoms within our community, please look out for symptoms with your tamariki. It is most common in children under 10 years old, and in most cases it is mild. Click the link here for more information. 🤒

Jump Jammin' in the Sun

October 11, 2022

Room 5 and 7's Breath Better September comes to an end this week. After a full month of Jump Jams and fundraising for the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation, a Non-Uniform Day was held with a performance in the Market Place.

Rowing, It's a Twizel Thing!

September 29, 2022

Over the past couple of weeks, some keen students have been given the chance to give rowing a go, thanks to the Twizel Rowing Club. As it turns out, some of them are pretty good and they just can't wait to get back out on the water. 🚣‍♀️

Mentor Reports Online

September 29, 2022

Mentoring and Achievement Reports for students in Years 11-13 will be available to read via the SchoolBridge app and web portal from tomorrow (Friday 30th September). For instructions on how to access and download your child's report, click here!

Students get a Taste of Life in Antarctica

September 29, 2022

Last week ākonga in Rooms 13, 5 and M2 took part in some Zoom sessions with Dan from Antarctica. Dan showed us what it was like outside Scott Base by putting a camera outside during our Zoom, while the students had lots of questions about what he does and what happens in Antarctica. 🥶 🐧

M4 Flatting Challenge

September 28, 2022

M4 ākonga have been working on a 'Flatting Challenge' over the past few weeks - they organised themselves into flatting groups and had to plan and budget for 4 dinner meals, including being able to buy the essentials for their flat such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies and breakfast food.

Wellbeing @ School

September 27, 2022

At the start of this term, our students participated in the NZCER (New Zealand Centre of Educational Research) Wellbeing at School Survey. Our school, like many around New Zealand, participates in this survey every second year (or more often if relevant). For the first time, our staff also participated in a staff-centred survey.

Punatahu Junior Trips

September 27, 2022

During the last two weeks, our junior ākonga have visited Punatahu, which sits on the shores of Lake Pūkaki. Students and teachers alike came away having learned something new about this significant site and the story of Te Manahuna.

Ōhau I Love to Race

September 27, 2022

Twizel Area School’s last Snow Club day was Friday 23 September. After a cracker season, with most weeks going ahead for both the junior school and the seniors, we were able to hold our High Country School races again at Ohau Snow Fields.

School Donations Scheme

September 26, 2022

Twizel Area School is now eligible to qualify for the School Donations Scheme from the start of 2023. Please use our Google survey to vote whether Twizel Area School should opt in, or out of the scheme.

How to Talk About: Winning and Losing

September 26, 2022

Conservation starters to help our kids embrace the reality that winning isn't everything and losing isn't failing.

NCEA Exams on the Horizon

September 26, 2022

With this year's NCEA exams getting closer by the day, here are some study tips for Year 11-13 ākonga to prepare over the holiday period.

Junior Assembly Remembers the Queen

September 26, 2022

Junior Assembly remembered the Queen last week with Room 13 ākonga showing off their awesome drawings. Ka pai to everyone who showed off their amazing work and for displaying your WAKA values.

Business End of the Year in Sight For Seniors

September 22, 2022

It's been a busy week of learning in the Senior School with the business end of the year fast approaching. 🪚 🥪 🧵

Motors, Switches, Sound and Light

September 22, 2022

Ākonga in M1 and M2 have been using Electronic Brain Boxes to create electrical circuits in Science this week. The Brain Boxes are designed to teach students about motors, switches, sound and light and fits perfectly into their current Science learning about power.

New Student Games a Hit During Break Time

September 22, 2022

Proof that learning doesn't stop when you step outside the classroom. 🎳 ⚽️ The PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) team have purchased some new games for our students to use during their break times.