Years 1-6

We have six classes in our junior school, students progress through:

  • Room 5 - Brooke Smith (New Entrants)
  • Room 6 - Sharon Reid (New Entrants)
  • Room 9 - Desiree Hooper
  • Room 13 - Olivia Wise
  • Room 4 - Amanda Sargeant
  • Room 7 - Melissa Neill

In addition, there are support teachers and teacher aides. Teacher aides may work with individual students within the classroom setting, we offer reading recovery opportunities as and when required. The classes in our junior school follow the school curriculum with their classroom teachers and benefit from specialist learning programmes and facilities where available.

Years 7-10

We have four classes in our middle school:

  • Year 7 - M1
  • Year 8 - M2
  • Year 9 - M3
  • Year 10 - M4

The emphasis in this area is on introducing students to a wide variety of subjects and specialist teachers whilst exploring their individual interests. During these years students are exposed to a number of subjects and encouraged to reflect on their learning. They are taught how to be independent self-motivated learners preparing them for the senior secondary years. Learners are also encouraged to use ICT skills and devices as much as possible, these will be important learning tools in the future.

Years 11-13

By the time our students arrive at this level, they are expected to be independent learners.  This means they will have developed the attributes and skills required to engage with the curriculum in a meaningful way.  They will know how they learn best and will have a clear idea of their progress up to this level. Their focus is on gaining NCEA, we are careful to ensure that their credits are relevant to the individual learning pathways they have chosen. Our senior students select courses of study relevant to their needs. This is usually a combination of school-taught subjects and e-learning courses. We offer Gateway placements and STAR Courses to all senior students.