You may be unsure of what you want to do, or whether University or Polytech is right for you, or can you get a scholarship? There are a thousand (or more) Career based questions when it comes to your next step after school. 

The aim of the Careers page is to provide a guide to students in planning their pathways towards further education, training and employment. Click on the menu links to start your future journey.

A career is not just a job. It's the skills and experiences you learn over a lifetime from family life, friendships, culture, community activities, leisure choice, work and learning.

Your career may change over your lifetime and career planning steps will help whether you're planning or changing your career.

  • S – Self-awareness: Where you become aware of your interests, skills, values and abilities. You work out what lifestyle you want and your career goals.
  • O – Option-awareness: Where you explore different career options and compare them.
  • D – Deciding: Where you choose the best career option based on what you know about yourself and your career exploration.
  • A – Acting and planning: Where you create a plan and take action.

Te Whare Tapa Wha2

Dr Mason Durie's Te Whare Tapa Whā model can help us think about our whole life when we plan or change our career.

It tells us that to have a happy and healthy life we need to consider:

  • te taha hinengaro (psychological health)
  • te taha wairua (spiritual health)
  • te taha tinana (physical health)
  • te taha whānau (family health) 

These four types of health are represented by the four walls of a whare (house). If one wall is missing, the house falls down. This is the same with our career options. We need to consider all parts of our life and our wellbeing to find the best career for us.

Look at your career options. Will they give you a life that makes you feel:

  • fulfilled and satisfied?
  • motivated and challenged?
  • balanced – with time for family/whānau, physical activities and interests?

What I want my life to be |

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You can find information and advice about everything from planning & studying for your career to job hunting. You will also find tips on interviews and advice on creating CVs, cover letters & profiles. 

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