This tutorial is designed for students & parents to access the Twizel Area School portal, via a web browser such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

If you visit any page of the Twizel Area School website you will see a 'Login' tab in the top right corner:

Website Menu Bar

Click 'Login'

From the next page you will see a 'Sign In' tab on the left, and further down at the bottom - click 'Sign In'

Portal Login Tab


Sign in with the email address you have registered with the school, this can be an Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo account. Caregivers can also use the 'Magic Link' option. This allows you to enter your caregiver email address and a magic login link will be emailed to you. 

Access the Portal

You now have access to the KAMAR portal and a variety of other school-based information relating to your tamariki and rangatahi.

Portal Caregiver Dashboard

More Information

If you have problems signing in, you can email [email protected] 

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