Many families choose to take students out of school during term time. Whilst family and extracurricular experiences can be beneficial for students, the Education Act requires children to attend school each day that it is open for tuition.

We ask that requests for leave be submitted at least 5 school days in advance of the first day your child will be absent. The Ministry of Education requires the school to record such absences in the attendance system as ‘notified but unjustified’.

Use the Student Leave Request form for any of the following reasons:

  • Family Holiday
  • Visiting relatives (e.g. wedding)
  • Tangihanga or Funeral
  • Planned non-attendance for National & Local Representation
  • Extra Curricular activities

Please note: Teachers are not required to provide any school work for the period of absence from school, and NCEA Internal Assessment grades may be forfeited for assessments held during any student leave time.

If your child is absent for 20 consecutive school days (or more), they may be unenrolled.

After logging into the SchoolBridge app or web portal, click on the Student Leave Request tab.

Student Leave

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