It's easy to keep a check on your child's attendance at school through the SchoolBridge App and web portal.

Attendance at school is broken down using codes to explain a child's absence. When you log in using the web portal, these codes are explained at the bottom of the Attendance page (based on Ministry of Education rules).

Regular attendance is defined for statistical purposes as 90% attendance or higher. However, Ministry of Education analysis shows there is no ‘safe’ level of non-attendance; every day matters. Every day at school has a cumulative impact on students’ learning. A child with an average of 90% attendance will miss the equivalent of one year of schooling in ten.

There are four codes mainly used within the portal. These codes are a simplified version of the Ministry of Education codes, which cover everything from 'Holiday in Term Time' to 'Explained, but Unjustified' absences:

  • P - Present
  • L - Present, Late to Class
  • U - Absent, Unjustified
  • J - Absent, Justified

If you have questions or queries about your child's attendance, please make contact with their classroom/house teacher: Teacher Contact Information

After logging into the SchoolBridge app or web portal, click the Attendance tab. You will then see a weekly breakdown of which days/classes your child has been absent and why:


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