The SchoolBridge App is a collection of tools that helps us share information and get things done with less time and effort.

You will see the similarities between the Web Portal and the SchoolBridge App. This is done for ease of use and to make communication links between home and school even stronger. Having Push Notifications turned on will let you know when the latest school newsletter has been published, when you have reported an absence, or when there are general school notices about your child's class.

Students, caregivers, and teachers can use the app, with each group seeing a different set of tabs relevant to them.


  • Easy Sign-in with Magic Link
  • Switch Sibling to view more than one child
  • Easy link direct to all KAMAR portal features
  • Full calendar integration
  • Instant notifications
  • Absence reporting
  • Attendance statistics
  • Newsletters and notices
  • Update details
  • Invoicing information and online payments
  • Direct link to online results and reports
  • NCEA results and career pathways
  • Accessit Library Portal (Students only)

Coming Soon

  • Electronic permission slips
  • And more!

As with the Web Browser, you can sign in with the email address you have registered with the school; this can be an Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo account. Caregivers can also use the 'Magic Link' option; this allows you to enter your caregiver email address, and a magic login code will be emailed to you.

Download now!

You can download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store:

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