There's always plenty going on at Twizel Area School and there are multiple ways to know, and be notified.

SchoolBridge App

From the main menu, you will see the immediate Coming Events. 

If you click View Full Calendar or the Calendar icon at the bottom, you can see a month-by-month breakdown of all school events. By clicking on an individual event, you will see Remind Me in the top-right corner. This feature will allow you to add the event to your personal calendar, where you can set an alert.

Web Portal

After logging in, click on the Calendar tab in the School Community section.

Sync with your Calendar App

You can also sync your Google/Outlook/iCloud calendar with our school events calendar by copying and pasting the following link into your calendar app: 


Your Calendar will sync overnight, and new events will be updated.

Google Calendar

Google Web


Apple Web

Google and Apple Calendar Apps