Waka Values

The WAKA cards acknowledge the use of our school values in different settings across the school. The school values resulted from the community consultations last year and align carefully with the Key Competencies of the NZ Curriculum.

You can access your child's WAKA Value points through the SchoolBridge App, this feature is not available through the Parent Web Portal!

SchoolBridge App

From the app's home screen, click the WAKA Values tab. You will then see a breakdown of how many points your child has accumulated for all 4 of their Twizel Area School values: Whānaukataka, Awhinataka, Kaitiakitaka and Ārahi.

In the store, you can see how many total points are required to claim the bronze, silver and gold badges for each value.

Students can also keep track of their own points by logging in with their personal username/password.

When a Digital WAKA Value has been awarded, parents and caregivers will receive a push notification through the SchoolBridge app, notifying them of the value awarded and the reason.

Waka Values App

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