Our Vision

A learning community striving for excellence

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality learning environment that encourages ākonga to strive for excellence and become confident connected lifelong learners with a passion.

Our Values
  • Quality, Rawe: in everything we do
  • Respect, Te Whakaute: for ourselves, each other and learning
  • Inclusion and Unity, Kotahitanga: We will do this together

Behavior Management

Our school uses a defined behaviour plan described in our ‘Managing Relationships with Students’ Document.

The key points of our behaviour management philosophy are:

  • Developing and communicating clear expectations of our students and maintaining these consistently.
  • Working hard to maintain positive relationships with students. 
  • Modelling the behaviour we expect from our students.
  • Planning effective, interesting and well-focussed learning programmes which cater for the needs of the students.
  • Knowledge that the person closest to the problem is the best person to deal with it.
  • Ensuring there is a referral system for ongoing, escalating or serious problems.
  • Keeping accurate and timely records of behavioural issues.
  • Ensuring effective and clear communication to students, colleagues, and parents.
  • Teachers working collegially to support our Relationship Management System. 

Our system is based upon the underlying expectations of a restorative justice system as described in the diagram below:

1 5 Of Students

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Our school encourages all students to respect and understand the different cultures that make up New Zealand and global societies. We strive to ensure the experiences, cultural traditions, histories and languages of all New Zealanders are recognised and valued.

Service to the Community

Students are encouraged to make a contribution to school and the community outside the classroom.

Parental Involvement and Support

We share the responsibility for your child’s education with you. Children learn best when what is being taught at home is reinforced by what they are learning at school and vice versa.

We welcome your involvement and participation in your child’s activities. Feel free, at any time, to contact us to discuss your child’s progress and learning.