PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) | School Wide

Twizel Area School has been on a PB4L journey since 2021, we have focused on what values are important to our school community and what values reinforce our School mission of ‘Find your passion, be supported and inspired.’ 

Our School values - Whānaukataka (Kinship), Awhinataka (Nurture), Kaitiakitaka (Guardianship) and Ārahi (Leadership), our WAKA, were arrived at through community engagement and consultation. Throughout the year the PB4L team works with staff, students and the community to reinforce these values and make room for improvement based on evidential data and consultation. 

Our school values are acknowledged with physical and digital WAKA Cards. Students collecting 20 cards of a specific value are then awarded a badge to acknowledge their efforts. There are bronze, silver and gold badge levels to achieve as students progress through school.

WAKA Cards are awarded to all students who work towards our Graduate Profile (the achievement statements are regularly reviewed and updated by the PB4L team throughout our learning journey.

Waka Values

Junior students are acknowledged with WAKA certificates in weekly assemblies and in their formal written reports.

PB4L at Twizel Area School is led by Melissa McLellan (Primary) and Charlotte Saunders (Secondary). We work with John Taylor, the regional PB4L trainer.

At present, the team is developing a document to share the desired behaviours around and about our school in the different settings that students may experience e.g. in class, in assembly, on the bus etc…

PB4L aims to develop a culture where behaviour and learning are a way of life.

It’s about working together as an entire school community to create the environment, systems and practices that support children to make positive behaviour choices.

PB4L is broken down in three ‘tiers’. We are a Tier 1 PB4L school. 

Pb4l Tier Support

Our PB4L Pastoral Care System places the most responsibility for in-class behaviour with the student and classroom teacher. If problems arise that are beyond the classroom, or require a higher level response, the Dean may be involved.

Our Junior School Dean (Years 1-6) is Miss Brooke Smith, our Middle School Dean (Years 7-10) is Mrs Taylor McGifford, our Senior Dean (Years 11-13) is Mrs Nyree Schaar, and our e-Dean is Mrs Michele O'Carroll.

You can make contact with any of these teachers using the contact details in our A-Z Whānau Guide, or by calling the school office to make an appointment.