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Work to deliver a new school here in Twizel is underway but, like most commercial construction projects, planning and delivery takes time. 

We’ve recently appointed Rubix as Project Manager and Beca as Quantity Surveyors on the build. Tendering will commence in May for a Master Planner. 

Master planning is the first step and sets a clear vision for how the school will be set up on the site and where future buildings might go. During this process we consider ground conditions to identify where best to locate the new school, access to the school, where services need to go for example. 

Once we have this plan approved at the Ministry, we then move into the design phase which is where we explore how the buildings will reflect the school’s vision for delivering education and translate that vision into a functional design. This design is then subject to both Ministry approval and Building Consent approval by Mackenzie District Council.

Then it’s time to build! Construction timeframes vary depending on the project and we will work with you to ensure that construction causes as little disruption as possible. We’re very lucky at Twizel Area School that you will be able to remain in the original school while construction is undertaken on the school fields, (the exact location will be confirmed during Master Planning). When the new school is completed, we will then demolish the old one. 

The Ministry is really looking forward to working with your school as we create a fantastic new learning environment for students in Twizel. 

David Hobern
Programme Manager | Capital Works

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