Twizel Area School benefits from shared use of the Twizel Community Library on our school site. 

It is a well stocked, vibrant, spacious Library with exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable Librarians, who are able and willing to help with any questions or requests you may have. The Library is split into age-appropriate sections and carries most of the books students will require for their studies, and when reading for pleasure. National Library orders can be placed if you require a special book and suggestions for purchases are gladly received. 

Students can visit the school library on a timetable basis and at lunchtime.

Students in Years 1-6 are expected to keep library books in a book bag (provided with school stationery or available for purchase from the school office) and must return the books in excellent condition by the due date. If books are lost or damaged, we will send out an account to recover the cost of replacement.

Twizel Community Library Hours 2022
MondayClosed to Public
TuesdayClosed to Public
WednesdayOpen to Public
ThursdayOpen to Public
FridayOpen to Public

Book Review

Every week, a different book review will be posted here from with recommendations from our Librarian, Anne-Marie. Look out for books for every age and ability!

Total Mayhem Series by Ralph Lazar

Monday – Into the Cave of Thieves

From the New York Times bestselling duo Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling, a hilarious action comedy for chapter-book readers about Dash Candoo, who must defeat extraordinary foes each and every school day.

It REALLY annoys me when one gets into a Total Mayhem Situation before breakfast.

Which is exactly what happened to me this morning. And I was still in my pajamas!

When the forces of chaos interrupt the most important meal of Dash's day and conspire against him, his friends, his school, his town, and indeed the entire planet, Dash needs to take things into his own hands, and some crazy stuff starts to happen.