Leadership Team 
  • Principal - Kate Staniford
  • Deputy Principal - Charlotte Saunders
  • Assistant Principal - Melissa McLellan
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator - Freya Haanen
  • NCEA Principal’s Nominee - Michele O’Carroll
  • Te Āo Māori Leader - Karatī Metcalfe

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees are: 

  • Presiding Member: Sharon Blanchard
  • Board Members
    • Belinda Purcell
    • Nicola Graham
    • Bruce Mincham (Finance)
  • Staff Representative: Michele O'Carroll
  • Student Representative: Ralph Henderson
  • Board Secretary: Chelsea Lousley

The Board of Trustees meets monthly at 5.30 pm in the Meeting Room, with meeting times and dates notified in the school newsletter. The Board of Trustees' role is to provide governance of the school.

Our school policies are available for viewing and reviewing on our Schooldocs website. We invite you to visit the site: Our username is "twizel" and password "twizelarea".

More information regarding our school policies and where to find them is available here: School Documents. If you would like to learn more about trusteeship or contact the Board of Trustees, please email [email protected].

Latest Board of Trustees meeting minutes:

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Next Board of Trustees meeting:
  • Wednesday 7th February 2024