Vocational Pathways Icons

The Vocational Pathways divide the working world into six broad sectors which are linked to standards and qualifications. They can help you to see how your strengths, interests and achievements relate to future study options and job opportunities.

Vocational Pathways provide clear study options that are valued by employers and show you what employers expect you to achieve in your learning.

The six pathways are:

Vocational Pathways Profile

Your Vocational Pathways Profile is pictured as a graphic that shows your achievement towards each of the six Vocational Pathways. When you access your learner login, you can see your progress and identify where you need to raise your level of achievement.

You can also use the Profile Builder to plan your Vocational Pathway.

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What if I'm interested in more than one pathway?

All of the Vocational Pathways identify skills that are valued by employers across all sectors. Because English and maths skills are especially important across all pathways, literacy and numeracy credits can apply to any pathway. As long as you achieve the required literacy and numeracy credits, you may be able to change pathways or complete more than one while you’re studying.

The Vocational Pathways Award

To receive a Vocational Pathways Award, you need:

  • NCEA Level 2
  • 60 credits from the recommended assessment standards for a Vocational Pathway. Of these, 20 credits must be from sector-related standards for the same sector.

You can achieve more than one Vocational Pathways Award if you complete the requirements for more than one Vocational Pathway.

Vocational Pathways Awards will appear on your Record of Achievement. This can be an advantage when you look for work or training opportunities in the sector highlighted in your award or awards.

Further Information

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