Twizel Area School is part of NetNZ, a community of secondary and area schools who specialise in the provision of high quality online programmes of learning for secondary age students throughout New Zealand. 

This allows our students to enrol in online courses and be supported by their eTeachers using Google Hangouts and a variety of web based learning environments.

Courses usually consist 10-18 students from 5-10 different schools. The course will run using an online hub or class space which acts as the focal point for learning and interaction. These class spaces are developed by the teacher using their tool of choice – usually a Google+ community. Some courses are fully online, but the majority are a mix of paper and online learning. Each class meets once a week using a video conference which acts as an important point of contact between teacher and students.

Students can choose to study NetNZ courses such as:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Classical Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Also available are courses that combine various subjects areas, such as:

  • The Crypto Course | Explore the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Thematic Studies: Empire | Explore case studies of imperialism
  • Education for Sustainability | Learn to think and act in ways that will safeguard the future wellbeing of people and our planet
  • Crafting History | Project-based course in which students explore and reimagine historical contexts using Minecraft
  • Criminal Minds | A study of crime and the criminal mastermind

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