Education outside the classroom (EOTC) is still a key component of primary and secondary school life in New Zealand. EOTC is a generic term used to describe curriculum-based learning and teaching that extends the four walls of the classroom. EOTC can range from a museum or marae visit to a sports trip, an outdoor education camp, a field trip to the rocky shore, or a visit to practise another language. EOTC can take place on the school grounds, in the local community, or in regions further afield, including overseas.


Outdoor Education links to many of our school values. Ākonga can explore concepts such as manaakitanga (care and responsibility), kaitiakitanga (guardianship), whakawhanaungatanga (social connections), ārahitanga (leadership), and kotahitanga (unity and cooperation).


Our Outdoor Education opportunities give students:

  • a positive attitude to challenge and adventure
  • enjoyment and appreciation of outdoor activities and the benefits of physical fitness
  • awareness of the natural environment and an understanding of the importance of conservation and sustainable development
  • growth in confidence and self-esteem by pushing past self-imposed limitations, taking on challenges and achieving success
  • an ability to work in teams and to recognise the importance of their role and the contribution of others
  • increased initiative, self-reliance, personal responsibility, perseverance and tenacity, resilience and commitment