At Twizel Area School our visual art students are exposed to a wide range of art-making processes and methods in a well-resourced Department.

Students are given plenty of hands-on experiences and opportunities. Junior students have access to art resources not always available during Primary School years, while NCEA students in Years 11-13 can choose to study any of the five Visual Art disciplines we offer at T.A.S.

From Year 7 ākonga are encouraged to problem solve and think critically when making original art of their own that reflects the set learning tasks. As students get older they can specialise in areas of interest to them and by Year 13 they are working in an individualised learning plan, totally unique to them.

M2 Art

All of our students enjoy finding out about new ways of developing ideas in a positive, supportive environment.


In a society that is rapidly changing, the Department is adapting to meet the needs of our learners by ensuring the learning reflects current art practice in the wider world. This is often interdisciplinary and involves digital, spatial and sculptural, photographic and moving image artwork as well as traditional modes such as painting and printmaking.