Health is a core learning area at Twizel Area School. Students participate in the Health programme as part of their Physical Education learning with a focus on the well-being of the students themselves, of other people, and of society through learning in health-related and movement contexts. 

Four underlying and interdependent concepts are at the heart of this learning area:

  • Hauora – a philosophy of well-being that includes the dimensions taha wairua, taha hinengaro, taha tinana, and taha whānau, each one influencing and supporting the others.
  • Attitudes and values – a positive, responsible attitude on the part of students to their own well-being; respect, care, and concern for other people and the environment; and a sense of social justice.
  • The socio-ecological perspective – a way of viewing and understanding the interrelationships that exist between the individual, others, and society.
  • Health promotion – a process that helps to develop and maintain supportive physical and emotional environments and that involves students in personal and collective action.

The programme is supplemented by several additional topics which are covered throughout the school year, and delivered by external providers such as Brainwave and Attitude.

Te Whare Tapa Wha2

Health Education at Twizel Area School will ensure that our students:

  • Develop an understanding of the factors that influence the health of individuals, groups, and society (lifestyle, economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental factors).
  • Develop competencies for mental wellness, reproductive health and positive sexuality, and safety management, and they develop an understanding of nutritional needs.
  • Build resilience through strengthening their personal identity and sense of self-worth through managing change and loss, and through engaging in processes for responsible decision-making, learn to demonstrate empathy, and develop skills that enhance relationships.  Students use these skills and understandings to take critical action to promote personal, interpersonal, and societal well-being.
  • Have access to programmes to help them negotiate healthy, respectful relationships and meaningful consensual relationships.

2022 Health Curriculum Consultation

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