The TAS uniform is compulsory for all students. School uniform items are available for purchase on line from which families select Primary (Y1-6), Middle (Y7-10) and Senior (Y11-13) as appropriate, then mix and match as they like. In Years 1-6 sunhats are a compulsory item. In Years 7 and above the PE uniform, available from NZ Uniforms, is required.

Nz Uniforms Screenshot


A watch and one stud ear-ring in each ear only are permitted.


Hair is to be a natural colour, long hair is to be tied back (off the face). Hair bands, hair ties etc are required to match uniform – maroon, black, or white.

General appearance

No make up is to be worn and student’s faces are expected to be clean shaven.


In years 1-6, school suitable shoes. In years 7-13, plain black leather lace-up, T-Bar or Mary Jane polishable shoes, (no suede, canvas or sneakers). Plain black leather sandals may be worn in the warmer months. Toe covering shoes to be worn in practical classes and sports shoes for PE.


A plain black beanie, scarf and gloves can be worn with uniform.


Black puffer style jackets are an acceptable addition to the NZ Uniform jacket options.

Samples of our TAS Uniform Collection (in most sizes) are available to try on in the school office, however all items must be purchased online.

Representing our School

When students are representing our school, we require them to wear our school sports uniform. This will be issued to them for each relevant sports representation.