Download our ‘A-Z Whānau Guide to starting school at Twizel Area School’ here: New Entrant Whānau Guide

Our Enrolment Process


  1. First Contact can be initiated in a number of ways: 
  • For new entrants enrolled at a Twizel ECE provider - whānau will be invited to an Introduction afternoon prior to the start of pre-school visits (these events occur twice every year).
  • For new entrants not enrolled at a Twizel ECE provider - whānau should contact the main office by calling (03) 435 0650 or emailing [email protected] OR complete the online enrolment form on our school website twizel.school.nz. Once we have received this contact, we will organise pre-school visits.

2. Once we know you will be enrolling, the office will make contact to organise a meeting with our Principal and relevant teachers at a time convenient to all parties. This meeting can include a tour of the school. During this pre-enrolment phase your child’s class placement will be confirmed and we will make contact with your child’s ECE (if relevant).

3. Your child will have the opportunity to meet their new class for a 1-2 hour visit. They will be introduced to the kawa of our school.

4. Your child will start school for half or full day sessions whilst they become accustomed to our school. For new entrants, this continues once per week for at least four weeks prior to enrolment.

5. Your child will be introduced to the relevant section of our school at assembly by their classmates or teacher.

Starting School

If your child has been attending an ECE provider, they will be learning within the Te Whāriki Curriculum. It is our intention to blend the edges between Te Whāriki and the NZ Curriculum for Schools.

For Te Whāriki there are five learning strands linked to goals and learning outcomes. These can be generally mapped with the Key Competencies of the NZ Curriculum.

Te Whāriki StrandLinked Key Competency in NZ Curriculum
WellbeingManaging Self
BelongingParticipating and Contributing
ContributionRelating to Others
CommunicationUsing Language, Symbols and Text

We honour your child’s transition by valuing and displaying their learning journey portfolio from ECE. This document can be kept at school for the first weeks and months of transition to school, your child may wish to refer to it, or share elements with the class. It can be returned to families at a time your child finds appropriate. Upon enrolment at TAS, they will begin to develop their school learning portfolio. The key difference between the two documents is the move from teacher provided evidence towards the curriculum, to student provided evidence towards appropriate learning goals and outcomes. The TAS portfolio includes samples of student work and key progression documents, it is shared at every conferencing opportunity and is available to view in the classroom.

Within the new entrant classroom we aim to provide a mix of teacher-directed and non-directed learning and discovery. Work is usually choice-based (as per our managing relationships document and philosophy). The school day involves a mix of small group, individual and whole class learning opportunities. The core of the new entrant learning is developing key competencies alongside the more traditional learning associated with reading, writing, mathematics and the newer compulsory curriculum items of digital technology and New Zealand Histories.

Pre-school visits are organised with families about 6 weeks before your child turns 5. If your child already attends the kindergarten or TELC, we will already have their details and will contact you. If you are not using these ECE services, please contact the school by phone to arrange enrolment. Visits occur once or twice per week, three or four times before the student’s actual start date. The first pre-enrolment visit is from 8.50 am - 10.20 am. The visits following the first are longer sessions (until lunch at 12.25pm). You are very welcome to stay for all or some of each visit. Visits are usually on a Tuesday to ensure consistency with the programme (some visits can be arranged on a Thursday). Students are asked to bring their morning tea, water bottle and lunch for each full morning visit.

You will be provided with an enrolment pack at the time of enrolment, alternatively, you can view all enrolment materials on our school website. You may also like to attend our parent orientation sessions which are held twice annually (end of Terms 2 and 4).

When your child starts school full time, school starts at 8.50am. Please arrive in good time for your child to be able to unpack their bag and spend some time with friends. At the end of the school day, Ms Smith will escort the class to the front entrance of the school. Students can be met by their parents at 3.05pm. In the early days of school, your child may be very tired after the full day - be prepared!