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At Twizel Area School students from Years 1-10 use the online platform Seesaw, a digital portfolio that empowers students to showcase what they’re learning at school.

Seesaw has built-in tools that make it easy for students to capture their learning, reflect, and develop new skills. Students are able to seamlessly share what’s going on in the classroom with parents, caregivers and whānau, helping build and strengthen the strong relationship between home and school, while celebrating student success.

Throughout the school year, Seesaw builds an organised, digital portfolio for each student, including photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. The Digital Portfolio helps capture student learning over time and highlights their growth in all areas of the curriculum, developing 21st Century skills in a safe, moderated environment.

How Seesaw Works

Digital Portfolio Flow

Seesaw For Families

Your child's classroom teacher will provide you with a QR code to allow you to log in to see their work, where you can 'like' and comment on things they share. Simply go to the login page of the Seesaw website or download the Seesaw app. You'll be notified, either by email or push notification when your child uploads something to Seesaw.

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Tips for getting the most out of Seesaw
Check Seesaw regularly
  • You'll get notifications about new entries in your child's journal and can respond to their work. Customise your notification preferences in Account Settings.
Celebrate your child's classroom success
  • Help to encourage the skills your child is working on in class outside of school.
Specific comments are best
  • Asking questions, or complimenting specific details can add to the learning conversation.

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