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At Twizel Area School, our Year 1-6 learners have access to appropriate devices for learning in their classrooms. In Years 7-13 students are expected to bring their own school-suitable device for learning. We advise a Chromebook (Y7-10) or laptop (Y7-13) with a screen no smaller than 10 inches.

The New Zealand Digital Technology Curriculum is a compulsory aspect to learning. The integration of digital technology continues to have a transformative effect on learning in the classroom and outside.  Purchasing a device requires consideration of many factors: price, battery life, processing speed (processor plus RAM), and software requirements. 

Laptops, Notebooks, and MacBooks are preferred for senior students (Years 11 -13) as they support all software that may be required at senior levels. Chromebooks are a better option up to Year 10 as students work in a Google apps environment. Android Tablets and Apple iPads are light and portable and may work in certain situations, but are limited in functionality. Tablets coupled with a keyboard improve their functionality, but they are still limited to an apps environment.

All students who bring their own device to school must sign the BYOD Agreement upon enrolling at Twizel Area School.

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Technology company Cyclone have an online ordering portal to make it easier for parents and caregivers to purchase BYOD devices for rangatahi.

There is a range of Apple, Chromebook, and Windows devices that students can select along with a number of accessories. All devices come with a three-year warranty and options for damage insurance.

You can order devices using the link below. Payment can be made online or via direct debit, and devices will be delivered directly to the nominated address.


Why purchase through Cyclone?
  • Solutions to fit your school: Avoid potential confusion on which device to buy - your school's portal only features devices with specifications that fit the learning requirements of your school.
  • Education pricing: Take advantage of Cyclone's special education pricing thanks to their high-level partnerships with vendors.
  • Quality warranty & insurance options: Cyclone lists all devices with a three-year warranty (excluding iPad) and offers excellent insurance options with nil ($0) excess.
  • Easy Checkout: Cyclone's checkout process makes it simple to add the items you want to your cart and then complete your order. A variety of payment options are available, including credit card and direct deposit. Shop online, anytime!

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