What are Scholarships?

Scholarships recognise academic excellence and potential and provide talented students with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills. A scholarship award allows students to take up new challenges and experiences which may not otherwise be available.

Each scholarship has its own regulations which describe the eligibility criteria for applicants and the scope of the scholarship. If you are intending to apply for a scholarship you should check the regulations to confirm their eligibility and your understanding of the scholarship programme.

Find scholarships online

Look on education providers’ websites

Visit education providers’ websites to find out about their scholarships. Below you will find links to New Zealand universities' Scholarship programmes by clicking on the individual university logo.

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Victoria                Lincoln                Canterbury                Otago

Search StudySpy’s scholarship information

Search StudySpy’s website for New Zealand and international scholarships by location, study level, provider and ethnicity. StudySpy has the largest database of scholarships in New Zealand with over 2000 to choose from. 

Search their website for scholarships here: studyspy.ac.nz/search/scholarships

Mackenzie District Scholarships

Each year students from Twizel Area School, along with learners from other Mackenzie District schools, have the opportunity to apply for two scholarships

Bruce Scott Memorial Prize | Awarded to a secondary school student within the Mackenzie District who demonstrates good citizenship, practical skills and leadership potential.

Mackenzie County Scholarship | First year tertiary education scholarships, for secondary school students living within the Mackenzie District.

Application Guidelines for First Year Scholarships

Applying For A Scholarship

Tips on filling in application forms
  • Use the checklist if one is provided to ensure you have completed all of the requirements
  • If a list of documents is requested, supply the documents in the order in which they are requested
  • Type your application if possible
  • If you are handwriting your application, use the same style of writing and pen throughout the application and write in neat, legible handwriting
  • Only provide a Curriculum Vitae (CV) if this is requested. Any documents not requested will not benefit your application
  • Do not provide original documents. Please ensure that they are certified true copies
  • Complete all sections of the application form
  • Do not bind or staple your application, use paper clips instead
  • Date and sign the privacy provisions
  • The Majority of applications are online

Eligibility criteria

Always check that you meet eligibility restrictions, such as gender, age, nationality, indigenous or other special group and only apply if you match the eligibility criteria. If you intend to take a gap year, please note that most scholarships that allow a gap year require you to make an application in your final year of high school.


Your referees are very important.  Make sure they know which scholarships you have listed them as a referee. Ensure they are the appropriate people to provide the kind of information about you that the selection committee will need to know.  Provide your referee with the regulations of the scholarship you are applying for.

Personal Statements

Your statements are very important.  It is your opportunity to “talk” to the selection committees and it is their opportunity to find out what you have to say about yourself. Your statement can reflect your views and aspirations, can explain the events and people that have been major influences on your life, can describe what drives you, why you have chosen the path you have, what your plans are for the future and so on.  One paragraph statements are not ideal.

Late applications are not accepted

Where a closing date is listed, applications must be received at the Scholarships Office by 5pm on that day.  If a closing date falls on a weekend or a public holiday, applications will be accepted until 5pm on the next working day.

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