What do New Zealand Apprenticeships involve?

New Zealand Apprenticeships teach you a trade such as:
  • building
  • engineering
  • hairdressing, barbering or beauty
  • agriculture or horticulture
  • tourism
  • sports or fitness

As an apprentice, you:
  • work for, and learn from, an employer who supports you through your apprenticeship
  • complete practical, on-the-job assessments such as showing you can lay carpet
  • attend courses that are part of the apprenticeship such as block courses, evening courses and day-release classes
  • complete written assessments

Benefits of New Zealand Apprenticeships include:
  • earning at least the training minimum wage (employers often pay more as you become more skilled)
  • gaining technical, practical skills
  • gaining a Level 4 New Zealand Certificate when you complete the apprenticeship, which means you are likely to be paid more and have better work opportunities.
  • Employment NZ website - information about the training minimum wage

An Electrical Industry Apprenticeship

An electrical apprenticeship normally takes around 3 years and 9 months. You will need to complete at least 8000 hours with your on-job practical learning as well as studying off-job to gain your certification. 

When you successfully complete all the requirements of your apprenticeship, you’ll be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Theory and Practice (Trade) (Level 4).  

With this qualification, you can register with the EWRB and become a registered electrician.

A Barbering Industry Apprenticeship

As a barbering apprentice, you’ll be employed by a barbershop and be trained by a qualified employer or trainer in the shop. You’ll gain first aid and customer service skills and learn the business skills required to run a professional barbershop.

When you finish your apprenticeship, you’ll be fully qualified and achieve the New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering (Level 4). You’ll also gain relevant, valuable work experience to include on your CV.

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