We need you! Parents, grandparents, caregivers and supporters - do you want to get involved at school?

You might offer transport to events, assistance on Camps and Trips, in-class 1:1 or small group support or something else.

Now is the time to get the paperwork in place if you haven’t already done so!

If you aren’t registered with the school as a volunteer, visit this handy page on our website for more information: https://www.twizel.school.nz/our-school/parent-volunteers. You can download the necessary forms from this page. Return them to the school office, and we can process the documents and add you to our volunteer list.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs to do this?
Anyone who offers support to the school as a paid or unpaid service provider where you work with students, provide transport or overnight support on Camps/Trips.

2. Which parts do I need to complete?

  • For overnight support, 1:1 or small group work - Complete the Volunteer Form and Police Vet Form. You do not need to complete the Transport section if you are not providing transport.
  • Fo transport (other than your own child) - Complete the Volunteer Form and Police Vet Form.
  • To support whole class activities where staff members are present - Complete the Volunteer Form. You do not need to complete the Transport section or have a Police Vet.

3. Why do I need to do this now?
Last year, we found that Police Vets could take up to 3 weeks to process. You’ll avoid disappointment by registering early!

4. I didn’t need to do this a few years ago; why now?
The Education and Training Act specifies that a Police vet is required if the person is likely to spend unsupervised (as defined in the Act) time with children during school hours.

5. How often do I have to do this?
Once registered, we only need you to repeat this process every three years.

6. What if I think my Police Vet has expired?
Contact the school office, and we can check it for you.

7. What is looked for in a Police Vet that could prevent volunteering?

  • Offences against children
  • Driving Offences (if you intend to transport children)

8. I’m helping out in a whole class situation with the teacher/teacher aide present. Do I need a Police Vet?
No, but you do need to fill out our Volunteer Form to accept the statements about our relevant school Policies and Procedures.

9. I’m Police Vetted by my work. Do I have to fill out the form?
Yes - TAS must process the forms for their volunteers unless you are a registered teacher. If you are a registered teacher, provide your registration number in the correct section of the form as evidence of your vet.