You may have noticed we've re-vamped our Junior Assembly 'Star Student' Certificates?

Rather than using generic certificates, we've aligned this acknowledgement to our School Values. You can learn more about our school values on the school website - here is the link: You can also access this page on our site by scanning the QR code on the certificates.

We had some initial feedback relating to the use of Te Reo Māori on the certificates. We made this choice as it aligns with the wording used at school, our WAKA badge system, and our Graduate Profile. We also use an English word definition on our posters around school to help with the learning process. You can see the poster and its general descriptors below. This poster was also attached to the most recent Junior Reports.

Our school values were re-evaluated and developed in consultation with the community throughout 2021. Our students are learning more about the values across the curriculum throughout this year, and beyond. 

Waka Updated