Netsafe has worked with Voices of HOPE, a mental health charity, on their new campaign, You Wouldn’t Say It To Their Face. This campaign highlights mental health issues stemming from online abuse and bullying. It involves a series of videos including lived experience interviews and a social experiment that shows the impact online harm can have on someone’s wellbeing.

Given Netsafe’s own research indicates young people are significantly more likely to experience harm online, we’re proud to see three of our Youth Action Squad members contribute to this important conversation. Find out more on the Voices of Hope website:

Cyberbullying: The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. As social media has become more prominent, with it has come an increase in the rates of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is known to cause psychological, emotional and physical stress. It has a huge impact on mental health. This campaign titled “you wouldn’t say it to their face” highlights the effects of cyberbullying, through the lived experience voice, whilst raising awareness of the seriousness of this issue in NZ and globally.

Click the links below to read about some experiences of cyberbullying and the impact it had on their mental health:

Emma's Story

Sarisha's Story

Layba's Story

“Social media has made it so easy now for people to hide behind a screen and hurl abuse without ever having to see the effect that it has on the other person. Where people find it amusing to tear others down not comprehending or even thinking about what that person might already be facing in their own world - How their words could potentially be the key player in someone else’s decision to give up.”

— Jazz Thornton (Voices of Hope Co-Founder and someone who has experienced cyberbullying)