We have a number of new initiatives underway at Twizel Area School in 2022 that we’d like to share with you…


NPDL stands for New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning. This is a global movement in education. You can read more here: deep-learning.global. Our teachers will be participating in ongoing training to deepen their planning and implementation of programmes of learning. NPDL training is occurring across the Southern Area Schools Kāhui Ako, we’ll be collaborating across our teams whilst on this new learning journey. Our first steps on the journey included consideration of the best practice we already demonstrate at school when compare to the NPDL rubrics and discussion over how we could adapt immediate plans based on the ‘4 quadrants’ - Pedagogical Practices, Learning Partnerships, Leveraging Digital and Learning Environments (see diagram).

Npdl Infographic


Twizel Area School can now confirm that we have been accepted into the PB4L-SW (Positive Behaviour for Learning - School-wide) cohort with the Ministry of Education for 2022. You can read more here: pb4l.tki.org.nz/PB4L-School-Wide. Initially, our facilitator will work with a small team of dedicated teachers to develop our plans. Our first session is in March. Much of the work for the group will be linking our refreshed school values to our expected behaviour and learning experiences at school.

Te Āo Māori

Following his 2021 Immersion Course, Mātua Karatī has worked with Kai Tahu to develop te Āo Maori learning programmes for our Years 1-10 students. He will work with the classes, and with teachers to increase our collective capacity in this area. He has developed a learning graphic for the classes which outlines their programme at a variety of levels. This provision is in line with Ministry of Education expectations within school curricula.

Mātaurka O Waho

Specialist PE classes for Rooms 13, 4 and 5

In 2022, we will be offering specialist teaching for Physical Education in our upper primary classrooms. Mātua Karatī will lead this programme. It is our intention to enhance the existing physical education curriculum for our upper primary learners by integrating specialist skills for specific sports.


DMIC stands for Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities. It is a programme run by Massey University. We will be engaging with our allocated facilitator to review the way we are teaching Mathematics in the Primary School as we work towards our 2022 strategic goal. You can read more about DMIC here: www.cerme.nz/dmic. Our first session is scheduled for late February, we’ll feedback more about our experience later in the term.

Which teachers work with the Primary classes?

Each of our classes has a main teacher connected with them. Teaching staff have additional time allocated in their contract for planning, or other duties they perform at school. When they are not timetabled to teach, a second teacher is allocated as their support teacher. This teacher works closely with the class and knows them well. From time to time, relievers work with our classes, this occurs when a staff member is sick or completing training. The first point of contact is always the main teacher.

  • Room 7 - Miss Smith, supported by Ms Sargeant for her release time, Mātua Karatī for Te Āo Māori
  • Room 8 - Mrs Reid, supported by Mrs Sweney for her release time, Mātua Karatī for Te Āo Māori
  • Room 9 - Ms Longbottom, supported by Mrs Mullon for her release time, Mātua Karatī for Te Āo Māori
  • Room 13 - Mrs McLellan with Mātua Karatī for Te Āo Māori and Physical Education
  • Room 4 - Mrs Holden, supported by Mrs Brophy for her release time, Mātua Karatī for Te Āo Māori and Physical Education
  • Room 5 - Miss McAuley with Mātua Karatī for Te Āo Māori and Physical Education