Some whaakaro/thoughts by our Year 8 students about what they view Social Science as and why it is important to them.


Social Science is a very important subject because you can learn about World History. You can also learn about the past, present, even the future, and human events.


I think Social Science is the study of culture, food, languages, arts, people, self-care, self-orientation, countries, war, immigration, education, identity, justice, nature, news and history. It's a way to learn more opinions and to make your own choices in life.


I think Social Science is a study of what is happening around the world today and could possibly happen in the future or what may have happened in the past that may or may not impact the near future.


Social science is important because you need to learn about the history of events and human society.


I think Social Science is the study of the past, present, future, people and what is happening in other countries.


I think Social Science is important because it’s how people know what’s going on with the community and the government or the thing that happen in the past and how the past affects the people.


I think Social Science is the study of research and interesting facts that you can find out of many cool books.


I think social science is important because we need to know about what's happening now and what's happened in the past.