Twizel Area School would like to thank Twizel Community Care (especially Kristin Murdoch) for funding an opportunity for some of our students to participate in the Warrior Princess Programme.

We have had the opportunity to link our students to the amazing facilitator Sofia Tuala - learn more about Sofia here. The programme runs every Tuesday for the 8 weeks of this term.

The Warrior Princess Programme is best described by the group themselves, as displayed on their website: 

“Warrior Princess Workshops provide transformative workshops in both schools and the community for anyone who identifies as Māori girls’ and young women between the ages of 8 years - early 20s.  

These workshops are designed to empower and inspire participants to be STRONG, CONFIDENT WARRIOR PRINCESSES who LOVE themselves and recognise their WORTH.  

Warrior Princess Workshops create a safe space for girls and young women to learn about themselves and tap into their potential. To gain assertive control over their decision making and develop social skills that enable them to speak their truth, confidently. We use journaling exercises, story telling (legends of Aotearoa), taonga tākaro (traditional Māori games) and other fun activities to build on participants’ rangatiratanga (sovereignty) mana (power), internal dialogue and self esteem.”