The school has been contacted by the Ministry of Education with information from the Ministry of Health over how the school should go about collating the vaccination register information for our students aged 12 and over.

Common concerns relating to this data collection are both privacy and purpose. The Ministry of Health has provided a document to help the school explain this process - the document is aimed at students, but equally informative for parents. In the section ‘What personal information will be collected’, the school is already able to provide all the data with the exception of Vaccination Status. Parents or Students only need to provide us with the vaccination information. Please do this as soon as possible. Ideally, if declaring full vaccination, we would like to have a Ministry of Health letter on students’ files: you can request one here

If making a different declaration, we’ll need to know whether your child is:

  • Partially vaccinated (Date of Dose 1)
  • Fully vaccinated (Date of Dose 2)
  • Exempt (Date of Exemption)
  • No Information Provided (Date of No Information Provided)
  • Vaccination Status Unknown

All students aged 12 and over will be marked as ‘No information provided’ until such time as information is provided.

You can provide the vaccination information by emailing [email protected], by dropping into the office to let us know, or by providing the Ministry of Health letter.