We welcome three new students to the Twizel Area School whānau this week, while saying Well Done to the Week 7 'Star Students'.

Ahorangi in Room 8, Kaliyah in Room 4, and Mahaki has joined M1. 

We hope you all enjoy your time here in Twizel and I’m sure everyone will make you feel welcome!

Week Twelve

Well done to all the Star Students from Week 7:

  • Room 7 - Lewis - working carefully at presenting his work 
  • Room 8 - Babish - very helpful in the classroom and kind to his friends and classmates 
  • Room 9 - Louis - creative problem solving skills in science 
  • Room 13 - Alexis - for having a growth mindset and always being willing to try 
  • Room 4 - Nina - for being welcoming and respectful towards new students in Room 4 
  • Room 5 - Rosie - being a caring classmate and looking after new students