It has been a very exciting week in Room 13. We have been working on some art to do with our learning this term and we finally received letters from our Pen pals in Wilmington North Carolina.

Room 13 ākonga are learning about Twizel and Electricity this term. We are learning about the history of Twizel and how electricity plays an important part in this history and have created artworks with a lightbulb signifying the hydro project and our favourite Twizel landscape inside this lightbulb.  Some students drew dams and canals, while others drew lakes, mountains or farms.  The backgrounds are reminiscent of an amazing Twizel Sunset.

Img 0866

Img 0855

We also received letters from our pen pal class in Wilmington, North Carolina, a project we have been working on for a while now. Both teachers posted the letters on the same day, but it seems that the US post system is faster than our post system as we received ours and theirs have not arrived in Wilmington as yet. The students were so excited to receive these. They were all very keen to write back straight away.   How excited do these students look at receiving the letters?

Img 0850