Last year, students in Years 5 and 6 completed the national training programme to become Peer Mediators. As Year 6 and 7 students in 2022, they are about to start their Peer Mediation programme with the support of Miss McAuley.

Peer Mediators help to solve problems between students in the playground, and in other situations around school.

 As part of their training, they learned about different types of behaviour that students can show, and the reason why they might get upset. Then they learned how to help others to resolve problems.

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This means that they’ll be available in the playground to help others starting next week. They will have a roster for being on duty at lunchtime. They’ll be wearing hi-viz so that they can be found easily.

 So, how does a peer mediation go? Have a look at this video (the peer mediation process starts at 5:40, you may wish to jump to that point)…

Students can come to a peer mediator in the playground when they are wearing their hi-viz – this means they are rostered on that day, or leave a concern report in the box at the main office for the mediators to follow up at their next rostered duty.

The types of problems suitable for the peer mediators are: problems with games – like problems with toys in the sandpit, problems with name-calling or leaving people out of games, problems with taking turns. If students aren’t sure whether their problem is suitable for the peer mediators, they can ask. They will either be able to help or refer on to a teacher.