This week is Netsafety Week with this year's theme being Diversity Matters | Online Safety Done Together. There are a variety of events happening around Aotearoa and online, inparticular a Parent and Caregivers' Webinar about TikTok safety and social media.


Netsafe has worked hard for over 20 years to create a safer and more positive online experience for people.

We share advice so that people feel empowered to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology. But even then, problems can arise from an error in judgement, risk-taking behaviour or being targeted by others. This can happen no matter what precautions are put in place. When it does, people can report incidents and get support from Netsafe.

The past year has reinforced the importance of connectivity, but we are continuing to receive more requests from people needing help under the Harmful Digital Communication Act. Netsafe are hosting Netsafety Week 2022 to make a difference and to help people get the support they need.

Netsafe Tiktok Webinar

Friday 29th July @ 2 pm - Parent & Caregivers Webinar

During this year’s Netsafety Week, Netsafe is co-hosting a parents' webinar with TikTok for the very first time. This webinar focuses on online challenges on social media, and aims to empower parents with knowledge of how young people engage with online challenges and how technology can be used to support online safety.

The session is also joined by Dr. Amanda Third, from Western Sydney University’s Young and Resilient Research Centre, a world-leading expert on online safety issues. TikTok’s Safety Guide for Guardians will be distributed at this event.

Click here to register and join the Netsafe & TikTok Parent webinar