If your child hasn't registered for netball yet, time is running out! All the information you need for the upcoming netball season is here, including registration, teams, and costs.

This year, due to COVID-19, netball will take place a little differently. Yr3-8 players will play on Friday at either 3:30 pm or 4:30 pm. Yr9-13 will play on Saturdays, as usual. 

Twizel Netball Club has met with the School Board of Trustees and has permission to take children out of school on a Friday afternoon, so they are able to attend netball. This will not affect children’s attendance; this will simply be marked as they are attending class offsite. However, if the school feels a child will be disadvantaged by leaving school early and does not display the correct behaviour needed to represent Twizel at netball, parents will be notified. 

Players will travel in a school van and we will require parents to help with driving when needed. This will be discussed with parents and coaches.

2022 Season dates

  • Start date | 7th May 2022
  • Finals Day | 13th August 2022
  • Rain Day | 20th August 2022
Juniors - Years 1-4
  • Start date | 14th May 2022
  • Finals Day | 30th July 2022
  • Rain Day | 6th August 2022
Juniors - Years 5-8
  • Start date Years 5 – 8 7th May 2022
  • Finals Day Years 5 – 8 6th August 2022
  • Rain Day Years 5 – 8 13th August 2022

No netball on: Queen's Birthday - 4th June 2022 or the middle weekend of the July Holidays - 16th July 2022

Teams Names and Coaches 

  • Twizel Thunder Yr3-4 ( Future Ferns Yr3&4) Keri-Ann & Dwayne Burgess 
  • Twizel Strikers Yr5-6 (Year 6&7 aside)  Chelsea Lousley
  • Twizel Lightning Yr7-8  (Intermediate Section 3) Halley McErny & Kelvin Firman  
  • Twizel Voltz Yr9-10  (Senior B Grade ) Sarah Henderson & Nicola Lyons 

Registration - DUE BY 8TH APRIL

This year we are going digital. All registrations will take place online. 

Check out our new website here: https://www.sporty.co.nz/twizelnetball

Please also be sure to complete our Code of Conduct, Transport, and Medical Attention Google Form. This must be completed before the season starts.

2022 Subscriptions 

Netball Subs for 2022 are $75.00. These need to be paid on the Sporty webpage before the first game of the season. The netball club understands this may be hard for some families and ask that you complete the Fee Assistance Form on the Sporty website.


Covid Mandates have now ceased and they no longer are required. However, at this stage masks are needed to be worn to and from the courts and can only be taken off when warming up or playing. Due to these changes parents and spectators are now welcome but we ask that you respect North Otago netball mask and social distancing rules.


Fundraising is what keeps our club going, sadly last year we missed out on hard labour fundraising weekend so will be working hard to make funds up this year.

So far this year we have organised Cheese Rolls. Order forms will go out in April and need to be returned with money attached.

The BIG ROLL UP: date is yet to be decided but we will let you know when we release this information. Teams will be on a roster, and we require as much parent participation as possible.

We will have other fundraisers throughout the season and thank everyone for their cooperation.


Uniforms will be given out to players at training a week before the first game. Please indicate your child's size on the permission slip attachment.

Black booty shorts or black netball knickers are suggested to be worn under uniforms, at player’s expense.


Commitment is very much a major part of netball and being on a team. Volunteers work behind the scenes to make netball happen for our children. We understand children may get sick or not be able to attend games. Please communicate this with your child’s coach as several factors need to be worked out when a child is away.


Team coaches will identify with their teams on how they would like to contact them and keep them up to date with what’s happening with training etc. Last year’s teams used Facebook messenger.

The netball club has made a private Facebook group Twizel Junior Netball Club that only families of players will be able to join. Questions will need to be answered for a request to be considered. Here you will find general information on departure times, training, fundraisers, and photos taken by coaches.

Twizel Junior Netball Club Facebook Group

Social Media (photos of players and teams)

As you have read above we now have a new private Facebook page to keep our players' families up to date from time to time we require photos of players. We have now constructed a website for our club and have a gallery option where we would like to collect photos of the season.

Upon signing this form please state whether you give permission for your child's photo to be used. Please bear in mind your child may be asked to step out of a group photo so it is then able to be used.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chelsea Lousley - President
[email protected]

Www Globe https://www.sporty.co.nz/twizelnetball

Google Forms Logo Code of Conduct, Transport, and Medical Attention Google Form

Facebook Twizel Junior Netball Club Facebook Group