The National Area Schools Tournament was held in Whangārei during the school holidays with 9 TAS students attending, accompanied by Chelsea, Karatī and Mark. The students represented Twizel Area School with pride during the 4 days of competition, showing their WAKA values while doing so!

On the final day of the competition, 3 Twizel Area School students were selected to represent the South vs North:

  • Dave | Basketball
  • James | Football
  • Sadie | Netball B

The South Island Boys Basketball team took the honours against their North Island opponents 52-36. 

Congratulations also goes to James McDonald who was selected as part of the New Zealand Boys Volleyball team! 🏐 🤩


Read some student comments of their National Area Schools Tournament experience here:

Tournament was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people from the South of South team and watching and participating in sport. I learnt a lot from playing with different teams and versing different competition than usual. I loved being in weather above 0 degrees for a change and seeing parts of the North Island I’ve never been to before. I hope I have the chance to go again next year.

And thank you to everyone who helped fundraise and made this trip possible for us!

Going to the national area schools tournament in Whangarei was an amazing experience. I gained so much from the hard competition that we faced and it made me a stronger player. I made friends with so many new people that I can’t wait to see next year in Lawrence. I’m incredibly grateful for Chelsea, Karati, Frosty and everyone behind the scenes for making this trip happen we couldn’t have made it without them.

Being given the chance to attend the National Area Schools tournament was an incredible experience for me, especially as a year nine student. I was a member of a fantastic team that took excellent care of me, and I grew close to my teammates as well. 

I cherished visiting the North Island and being able to see parts of Aotearoa I have never seen before. Overall, I had a great time and am incredibly appreciative of everyone who helped make it possible. Many thanks to them.

Nationals at Whangarei was exhausting, energizing, and definitely an awesome experience, the cultural diversity up north is great and the competitive nature of the sports was awesome.

Personally, my time away was the highlight of my holidays. It was a great experience and I made heaps of new friends and developed new skills, from both coaches and my teammates. I loved being able to travel with our team and seeing what the north island was like. The first day of sport was really scary and the competition was really tough, but everyone was really nice and supportive. Overall I really enjoyed the tournament and hope to go next year. 

Whangarei was a great experience. For me, being able to compete in some of my favourite sports and getting to know people was a highlight.

It was a great team environment and thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.