On Friday, November 12th the school invited Ms Douglas to a special event at school to celebrate her career.

Her first port of call was the MPR space to meet with our Year 4-6 students. She was welcomed and had the opportunity to assist in awarding the Striving Awards. Following this, the Year 1-3 students came to visit. After receiving Striving Awards, they had a special performance for Ms Douglas and a presentation of flowers and cards.

At this point, Ms Douglas thought the celebration was over. Secretly, we had whisked the Year 4-6 away to the foyer so that they could also perform and deliver gifts. Ms Douglas was accompanied to the foyer for the surprise performance.

But wait, there’s more! Just as she thought she was heading away, the middle and senior school appeared in one of our courtyards for yet more performances and presentations. Following this, individual students shared special memories of Ms Douglas’ class. The students that shared ranged from Year 7 to Year 13, but it was clear from all their commentaries they had strong memories of Ms Douglas’ amazing support and teaching. Each related their Year 1 learnings to their current and future outcomes. It was very special indeed!

Once again, we whisked Ms Douglas on to her next destination, the staffroom. Inside, we had prepared an afternoon tea of her favourite foods. Salmon, cheese and crackers for miles! The staffroom was decorated with pictures from her 44 years, 1 week and 1 day of service. We presented Ms Douglas with a quilt made by staff featuring the displayed photos. Each patch sewn by a separate member of staff (of varying abilities), then crafted into a professional product by Mrs Schaar. Staff shared more amazing stories of Ms Douglas’ career.

In the evening, we held an event at Mackenzie Country Hotel to further celebrate her achievements. A video was shown, created by our senior students in celebration of Ms Douglas’ career. Ms Douglas held herself together throughout the entire day of celebrations, until the video brought forth the emotions we knew were under the surface. Thank you to the senior students for creating the special video, it had us all in fits of laughter and streams of tears.

Congratulations on your service, Stevie. We already miss you!

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