As Lockdown continues, students of all ages from TAS have found new and increasingly imaginative ways to keep themselves entertained, while their creativity knows no bounds in the confines of lockdown.

Room 9

Room 9 students have been busy with Georgie gathering seeds for Science, Sefton painting rocks he gathered at the river, Nya helping to make Keira’s birthday cake and Tui making a boat to float..or sink!


Room 9 Fun

William and Dom

William and Dom have been having fun playing with perspective during Lockdown. 

William The Giant

Students in Room 4’s ‘Fiction Addiction’ reading group had been reading an article about sculptor Stavros Kyriakides from Wellington, who creates natural sculptures relying on gravity for stability. Dom and the other students were set the task of creating their own sculpture, using anything they could find around their homes. 

Dom is working out how to balance his sculpture.

Dom Lockdown Sculpture

Room 13

Room 13 students have been continuing to research their chosen countries during Lockdown.  They have also been creating their own versions of world landmarks.

Room 13 Countries

Alexis Mt Fuji   Tokyo

Millies Buddha