There has been plenty of creativity shining through from Twizel Area School students in the first week of Lockdown 2.0, take a look...

Room 13

Audra has been busy with her posters about puppies and horses:

Audra Posters

Harriet and Joe have been finding out some great Olympic facts:


Harriet has also been busy helping in the garden, preparing to plant potatoes:


Room 13 students have been learning about world landmarks. Alexis has been identifying Landmarks from different countries, while Oisin has been researching Ireland. He built the Giant's Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge out of Lego for our World Landmark Challenge!

Countries LandmarksOisin Giants Causeway

Room 9

Ryder and Yoda

This is my baby Yoda that I have been doing with mum and nana. We have finally finished it. I can't wait for my next Zoom. 

From Ryder

Ryder Yoda

Zoom Pets

Conner’s cat, Runner, deciding to make an appearance at a Zoom meeting!

Conner Lockdown Pet

M1 Volcano Cakes

M1 has been learning about volcanoes during lockdown. On Wednesday they had a competition to see who could make the coolest decorated volcano cake!  Mrs McGifford was blown away with how creative everyone was … and then onto the best bit - eating the cakes!

M1 Volcano Cakes