Twizel Area School uses the KAMAR Student Management System. Using the portal, parents and caregivers are able to update their own details, check student results, attendance, and much more!

The KAMAR portal can be accessed via a web browser by going to

Parents and caregivers have been sent login details via email, for each child enrolled at Twizel Area School. If you haven't received your login details, please contact the school office. 

Students also have their own username and password to access the portal; these details will be emailed to their school email address.

For log-in instructions on your web browser, click here: Web Portal Login

Once logged in, you will have access to a variety of school-based information relating to your tamariki and rangatahi:


The notices section gives you access to the daily notices that home room teachers will read out to students each morning.


Portal   Calendar 2022

A monthly calendar of events, updated regularly, happening throughout the year.  You are able to subscribe to this calendar by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. (Available without logging into the portal)


This page gives you an overview of the personal details that we hold on file for you and your children who attend Twizel Area School. Please make sure that you check this information and use the Edit Details tab to update any details that are incorrect. It is imperative that the details we hold for you and the students on file are correct, especially email addresses as these are some of the main forms of communication we use to contact parents.


Shows the current status of the student's school account and what is currently owing. You can also download a pdf copy of receipts for payments made. (Not available on mobile app)


The timetable page shows the student's timetable for the current week. Should a student lose their timetable they can print a copy off from this page.


The attendance page allows you to check your child's attendance. The Ministry of Education's target for student attendance is 92%. Use the attendance page in the portal to monitor your child’s attendance during the academic year.

Notify an Absence

Parents/caregivers are able to notify us of their child's absence from school, through either the app or the web portal. Options include late, illness, and doctor/dentist appointments, but does not include planned absences (e.g. family holidays). Go here to complete the Student Holiday Request if you choose to take students out of school during term time for holidays.

Permissions Slips

Throughout the school year, there are multiple EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) opportunities for students across all year groups. You will be able to read and authorise permission slips within the portal itself.

Student-led Conferences

There will be opportunities during the school year for parents/caregivers to meet with their child's teacher or mentor. Appointments will be booked by clicking the relevant link within the portal.

NCEA Summary

For those parents/caregivers with rangatahi in Year 11-13, this page provides crucial information about the progress they are making towards their NCEA at Twizel Area School. It shows all of the credits that they have been entered for. This page will show their NZQA ratified results as well as the credits earned this year. The NCEA Summary page will also summarise the results (Internal Achievement/ Unit Standards) that have been sat during the academic year.

All Results

Please be mindful that NCEA results will only be shown for those credits that have been awarded at Twizel Area School. For a full summary of credits from previous schools (if applicable) and those awarded by some external providers, the student will need to log on to the NZQA website using their unique login. The results are broken down by NCEA Level.


The group page outlines any groups that your child belongs to – this may include Sports teams as well as other extra-curricular activities.


The Reports page will allow you to access your child’s school reports; these are downloaded as PDF files. Should you want a copy of a report you can go to this page and download the relevant file. (Not available on mobile app)

Switch Siblings

If you have more than one child enrolled at Twizel Area School, you will see the 'Switch Sibling' tab. This enables you to easily switch between siblings without having to enter other sign-in details.


Please ensure that you log out at the end of the session, particularly if you are using a shared computer. Personal data is available via the portal and you have a duty of care to ensure that this is kept secure.