This week our Junior Students have been working with the Police Education Officer, Maire Froud, on their bike and walking safety.

There have been classroom lessons as well as time putting what they have learned into practice, both on foot and on their bikes. The Road Safe series of lessons provide learning activities to empower students to participate safely as responsible road users who are aware of their own place in the traffic environment, as well as that of others. 

Lessons have included:

  • traffic safety and traffic laws
  • how to observe road hazards
  • a range of safe practices that they can use when using the road as a pedestrian and passenger.

And for the older students:

  • basic cycling skills in a controlled environment.

More information on road safety can be found here:

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Room 9 student Henry S. wrote about his experience learning with Officer Froud:

We went safe walking with the policewoman. We learned about lots of stuff. One of the stuff was if there are lots of cars in a line parked up then go to a bumper, then stick out your head and look both ways. If it is clear then you can cross.
by Henry S.

Once again, thank you to Officer Froud from all the students at Twizel Area School.

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