The Junior School class trips to the Tekapo Springs Ice Rink started this week, although Tuesday's Room 8 trip was put on ice (literally) due to the rain and blustery conditions.

More trips are planned over the next couple of weeks and we are all crossing our fingers that they can go ahead without disruption! ⛸❄️ Scroll down to read what some Room 13 ākonga thought about their day in Tekapo.


Zoom!!  I’m going fast on the ice. Me and Murph play. We ride the penguin and the bar. We were being silly. We played roads. We had so much fun.

By Imogen Ivey

Img 7337

Ow, my laces hurt. I step on the ice. It feels a lot slipperier than last time I was here. I forgot how to skate!  After a while, I remembered how to.  Then I was off. After a lot of fun skating around the world with Alanna, Mrs M showed me how to skate backwards, it is hard, but I got the hang of it very soon.  At the end of the day I didn’t want to leave. When we were in the car I told Mrs M it was next year already. 

By Audra Davis

Img 7344

POW! I hit the shiny frozen coat of ice. It hurt!! My fingertips were frozen, but I didn’t give up. By the end of the day I was gliding across the ice like a penguin. 

By Tilly Templeton


I am begging my Mum to come skating with me and she keeps saying No. Till she finally said YES.  “Mum can you help me skate?” “No I’m Busy”  I get angry and stop skating. Then Immy comes over to me and said. “Are you OK?”  “No I cannot skate” I say. “I can help you”  “Thank You” Then I could skate and Mum was proud.

By Murphy Turner

Img 3063

Scrape!! My blades are moving and grooving on the ice. I fall over a lot, but I keep trying.  I learnt to turn and spin. It is tricky to balance. I wobble and bobble along on the ice. I love skating on the ice. 

By Seb Irving

Img 3047

I went skating. I fell on my bottom. I fell on my elbow. Tui was racing me and I won.

By Carter Marsh