Information for Parents (and Other Visitors) with Students Returning to School in 'Red' - please read carefully as this includes drop-off and pick-up information.

Basic Hygiene
  • Good hand hygiene, cough, and sneeze etiquette, avoid touching your face, and regularly clean and disinfect surfaces. 
  • Use hand sanitiser at entrances to indoor spaces 
  • If you are sick – stay home and get tested. 
  • Scan in, sign in.

Dropping off and picking up students in the first days/weeks of school
  • Parents should wear masks for pick-ups and drop-offs

Rooms 7, 8, 9, 13 and ‘new to Twizel Area School’ students placed in these classes:

  • DROP OFF (8.40 am) - whānau may wish to drop students off at the external door to the classroom so that they can talk to teachers and ensure their child is settled in this complex time (we’ll have signs outside to indicate the entrance to each room and distancing requirements) OR students may make their way independently to their classroom through the main entrance, or the bus entrance. Teachers are available from 8.30 am, prior to this the external door will be shut as we have a morning staff meeting each day. Please ensure you are meeting the distancing requirements if there is a congregation at the door.
  • PICK UP (3.05 pm) - the classroom teacher will escort the students to the front entrance for collection, or dismiss them to the bus exit

Rooms 4 and 5:

  • DROP OFF (8.40 am) - students may make their way independently to their classroom through the main entrance, or the bus entrance.
  • PICK UP (3.05 pm) - the classroom teacher will escort the students to the front entrance, or dismiss them to the bus exit

M1 through to Year 13:

  • Students should be inside their allocated House space at 8.50 am for roll call. Entry through the Mt. Cook Street entrance. Students will be dismissed at 3.05 pm and should leave through the Mt. Cook Street exit.

New students to Twizel Area School from Rooms 4, 5, M1-4 or Y11-13:

  • Please come to the main office at 10.30 am on Thursday 3rd February. In our current red setting, this will allow staff to meet with you and introduce you to your buddy before you head to your classes.

Volunteers working with students

Volunteers (paid and unpaid) are required to comply with vaccine mandates for key education workers and Police Vetting. You can become a verified volunteer by completing our volunteer form:

At present, Ministry of Education advice requires schools to determine whether each volunteer is providing an essential service to the school on a case by case basis against a set of determining factors which include exposure across schools, health order compliance and essential curriculum provision. Please contact the school if you are a registered volunteer and need to know whether you can continue your service at school throughout the red setting.

Children and families with complex medical needs
  • Parents can seek advice from their health professional about whether it is appropriate to come to school. 
  • Support for off-site learning will be provided for those who need to remain at home. Please complete our survey (linked in this newsletter).

Visiting School
  • No non-essential visitors on-site is the general principle to follow
  • Where meetings with school staff are required, these should be conducted virtually.
  • Stationery collection/payment/uniform and similar short visit activities may go ahead at the front office, please wear a mask and follow hygiene and distancing procedures (floor markings for distancing). No congregations inside or directly outside the school building. For uniforms, you will be directed from the main office to our dedicated space for trying on and purchasing uniforms.

Face coverings
  • Parents and other visitors are asked to wear masks whenever they are required to be inside the school building, or at drop-off/pick-up times.
  • Nurses in schools and other health professionals will need to follow their own industry guidance for using PPE.

Curriculum related activities and events 
  • Larger activities with students should not go ahead unless held outdoors. 

Non-curriculum related activities and events including use of school grounds
  • No non-essential curriculum events on the school site