What a fantastic spring day yesterday for four of our Gliding students to have their first every flight in a glider. After getting a full briefing from their instructor, Nic was the first to take to the air for a smooth 20-minute flight.

Looking a little nervous Travis was second in the air. The acceleration of the winch launch was quite nerve wracking according to Travis but once in the air he thoroughly enjoyed his 27 minute flight. Once landed, he asked “can I go up again”!

Zach and Gawain also completed their first glider flight. It was awesome to see these students take their first flight in a glider. It is not everyone that can get themselves into a small cockpit, shut the cover down and be winched into the air at a really fast speed. Well done to these students. We already have one student who has completed their solo flight. It will be great to see some of these new students reach that target as well.