Room 9 student Henry W dazzled his teacher, Mrs LM, with his writing and accompanying drawing. Awesome work Henry! You can read Henry's writing here:

Once I got off the bus, I walked to Room 9 and when I walked past the door I saw Mrs Lm in the room. Then I put my bag on my hook and walked into class. Mrs Lm asked me if I wanted to mime my weekend news. I replied “Yes”. So we did. Once the bell rang and everyone got here, we walked to do our miming in the M.P.R. My buddy was Louis, a great buddy. My mime was us trying to catch a calf that Ollie and I spotted. Louis’ mime was him and his brother throwing a soft floppy disc. 

Then we acted what we would like to be in a play. I was a farmer.

By Henry Waldie

Henry W Drawing