Head Students, Daniel and Amie, have a Lockdown Challenge for you...

Kia Ora, it’s Daniel and Amie here. We hope everyone is safe at home and staying connected remotely with friends and whanau. We also hope that you are all adjusting to the online classroom. It is certainly different. It can be really hard to motivate yourself to do school work when you are at home, but if you just keep attending the zoom lessons with your teachers and keep up with the work that is set, you will be fine! Remember that it is important to take time away from your school work, so make sure you do something that you really enjoy. Whether that is a bike ride, video games or watching Netflix, make sure you do!

We have come up with a challenge down below that you can do. It will get you outside and doing something other than school work!


 I have hidden 10 clothes pegs in random spots around Twizel. 

  • On the side of each peg are 4 numbers. Go find the pegs, and email me the code. 
  • You don’t have to find all of them, so you can send the codes of 1, 2, 3 or all 10 of the pegs.
  • I have attached a photo of each peg as a clue!
  • If you’re out hunting down a peg, follow Covid Level 4 rules (distancing from other people, don’t touch the peg etc)

Click here to see the photo clues!

Don't forget to email your photos of the challenge to us or you can message us through the Twizel Area School Facebook page.

Good luck!