The annual Connexis Girls in Hi-Vis career exploration was held yesterday at the Ohau B Power Station.

The day centred around trades in the infrastructure industry with feedback from females already in those roles. After our Health & Safety talk the students were informed about the electrical industry, the amazing projects worked on, the trades available and where those trades could take them in the future.

The students were given a tour around Ohau B station and then divided up into groups to do activities. Some of the activities included dam building, electrical wiring, creating circuits and using power tools. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions and tested on their knowledge via a bingo game. The debrief at the end of the day showed the increased knowledge the students now have of the infrastructure industry and the possible career opportunities available right on our back doorstep.

The day was well organised by Prue from Connexis and Jade from Meridian; thank you ladies for making this opportunity happen for our students. A big thank you also, to the tradespeople and engineers from Meridian who gave up their time to run the rotations, pass on their knowledge and provide the students with hands on experience.

Mackenzie Sml

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