This year Twizel area school is starting off 2022 with a number of new faces. We’re thrilled to have them here, we welcome these new teachers to our school and hope they enjoy it here in Twizel.

Here is a little bit about them: 

Mr van Mulbregt; our new Technology Teacher

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Mr van Mulbregt has many hobbies including boating, fishing, hunting and building Motor Bikes, his most recent build was a 1973 Ducati. He follows sports and particularly enjoys Ice Hockey, as his son plays. His previous teaching roles were in Dunedin and Auckland, and most recently Mackenzie College. Mr van Mulbregt is excited to teach here in Twizel, as it is one of the smaller schools he has taught in.

Miss Smith; our New Entrant and Year 1 Teacher

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Miss Smith has a talent for Highland Dancing. She loves international travel, including to places such as Hong Kong and France. Miss Smith studied teaching in Christchurch before making her way down here, her family home is near Timaru. She has a new dog who is just 8 weeks old, called Bear. Miss Smith has an older brother and a younger sister. She is really looking forward to learning as a team and getting to know the students.

Miss Haanen; our M3 and English teacher for 2022

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Miss Haanen is a fan of board games, her favourite is Mysterium. She loves creative writing and enjoys embroidery. An interesting fact is that her name means ‘roster’ in Dutch. Miss Haanen admits she isn't very sporty but likes going for walks and swimming. She has a twin brother with two younger siblings who are also twins. Miss Haanen completed her studies at Otago University and has moved up here from Dunedin. She is looking forward to teaching here in Twizel.