On Fridays in Rm 8, we have 'Fabulous Friday Sharing' where the students can either bring something to share, talk about a favourite memory, something they have learned about or a new skill that they can share with the class.

Babish bought his dancing Robot to talk about and then show how it works while Hunter bought his racing car and demonstrated how fast it can go. 

The students ask questions and often focus on the What, Where, Why, How, and Which type. There is also lots of learning, fun, and laughter during this time as well as getting to know each other more.

When Oliver bought his electronic fish to share, there were lots of discussions about how an electronic fish moves. Some of the questions that arose were: How does it turn in the corners? How does it operate in water? What makes the fins move? What is inside it? How was this designed? Who designed it? How do you care for it? How do we look after fish in our local community? Why is it important to look after our environment? Is this the way we have to look after Salmon? Why is Salmon connected to Twizel?

This links in with our Digital Curriculum and Science how we need to look after those around us in nature while linking to our WAKA School Value of Kaitiakitaka - We demonstrate guardianship of our environment.

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